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 Since 1994


Project Management Institute

PMI PMP since 2011 to 2023.


Australian Computer Society

Awarded fellowship April 2019 FACS CP

Previously, MACS (Senior) CP since 2008.


British Computer Society

Chartered Fellow Since 2009.


Institution Of Analysts and Programmers (London)

Fellow since 2011 (now lapsed)


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*  Engaged intelligent leadership

*  24x7 Technical & application support specialist

*  IBM i DevOps specialist/advocate/advisor

*  Project or release/change/implementation specialist

*  IT & Business systems analyst & software/package developer

*  Windows/web & testing/support

*  Pre-sales technical analyst and other capabilities 

*  Excellent communications, problem-solving, technical, analysis & collaboration skills

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October 2023

 IBM Syndication Page


Merlin appointed business partner representing Adsero-Optima (TEMBO Technology Lab (Pty) Ltd.) for the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

RPG Unleashed

April 2019

Awarded ACS Fellowship


Appointed Australian Computer Society Professional Year Tutor

David A Wood  PMP - Brief career history

Jul-Oct 2022

Senior Project Manager - IBM i modernisation

Dec 2018-Apr/2020

Revising on-line course content for IBM i V7R4 and Agile Project Management


Re-branding Merlin substantially completed.

1988 - 2016

Various senior roles and responsibilities, NZ, UK, Europe and Australia some with international responsibilities. Clients included IBM. 

1986 - 1988

Requirements definition and design work started for the IBIS payroll/HR system. System developed on dual IBM S/38s hosted by the first clients, Auckland Milk Corporation and New Zealand Wire Industries in Auckland, New Zealand. Due to legislative changes in New Zealand, the PAYG/Income Tax regime was substantially changed by the government as a result of the introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST) effective from early October 1986.  Powercorp purchased the rights to the system in 1988/1989 and renamed it PayPak/400, this became the first native IBM AS/400 package in New Zealand (we believe). 

Clients included: Auckland Milk Corporation (later NZ Coop Diary Company, a predecessor of Fonterra), NZ Wire Industries (part of Fletcher Challenge, NZ’s largest enterprise at that time), Holeproof, Endeavour Services, Elders NZ, Sky TV, Mainland Cheese, Montana Wines and others.


IT Manager NZ - NZ Wire Industries (IBM s/38 and Wang VS)

IT Manager NZ - Auckland Milk Corporation (IBM s/38)

IT Manager UK - UM&M UK, IBM s/3 and s/34

Consultant UK - IBM s/32, and s/34

Business Liaison /Technical Analyst and Project Manager - Dunlop & Ranken UK (IBM s/370)

Operations Manager, Assembler analyst/programmer - Associated Weavers, UK & Belgium,  (IBM s360 & s370)

Analyst/programmer, 2ic UK - Morrison Supermarkets (IBM s/3)

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